Nutrition business venture…

When are people going to stop chasing $$$ ?

How about results, passion, fulfillment? I started distributing Herbalife to bridge my audience to a healthy & consistent fitness routine. My thing has always been movement therapy for the attainment of health, mobility, strength, mental-emotional-physical wellness. But clients kept asking me the same question thru the years: “can you help me lose weight?”. Losing weight has never been the focus to my practice. Maintaining a healthy body thru consistent exercise is. Proper nutrition will fuel that consistent exercise routine thru the years and optimize the results.

But I understood that there was a gap between my audience and the way they looked at me. Sometimes it can be very very very difficult to get started and to catch up. Losing weight is going to facilitate stepping into action. You see, there is a point where it’s not only moving that is going to help you, but first, trimming off some extra pounds to allow you to actually move.

Well, when I say losing weight, I don’t believe in starving yourself or cutting off some vital food categories entirely from your diet!!!! I believe that to have a healthy body you need to eat. The problem is when you keep eating “empty” foods that only adds calories but no nutrition to your body. That’s why adding one – or 2 – Herbalife shake daily to your current diet is going to help your body adjust and re-balance. If you provide your body daily with all it needs to function, your body will stop crying for help and stop craving permanently.

Birthday girl !

Or shall I say birthday woman? 44, I still act like a girl, but I’m a mom and my age calls for some respect…. But let me tell you, the good thing about growing in number is that you can decide how to celebrate, and I have to admit that instead of A day, it’s been a birth month celebration 🍾…… still gotta come to an end in a few days.

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